Photo Submission

Unfortunately, our club photographer is unable to be at all matches. This is where you can help! If you have a digital camera, you can submit your digital photos to the club.

This is a voluntary process, so please be patient. It may take a couple of weeks for the photos to be uploaded.

If this service is abused it will be stopped immediately and only images taken by the club photographer will be uploaded.

Photography Hints

  • Take photos at the highest resolution on your camera
  • Understand your camera settings and zoom features
  • Be aware where the sun is sitting


Selection Process

  • Only 2 photos can be submitted each week from each parent/photographer/email address.
  • If the image is of a poor quality, it will NOT be accepted.
  • If the photo is inappropriate it will NOT be accepted.
  • Only on the field or game photos will be accepted


Emailing Hints and Photo Submission

  • If you are emailing more than 1 photo. Attach each photo (JPG) individually to 2 seperate emails.
  • The email must be "signed" by a parent i.e. Regards, John Smith, parent or guardian of John Smith Jur
  • The subject area must be filled with the following, name the game i.e Under 12 round 1
  • Within the email, you must confirm that you have copyright for these images and you give the club permission to upload your photo's to the South Launceston Football Club website.
  • Submit your photos to the clubs email address!

Failure to confirm these detail, will mean these photos will NOT be used.